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Default RE: what is cycle a lipo battery, and why is it important?

ORIGINAL: ggcrandall1

Usually chargers incorporate cycling, to condition NiMh or NiCad batteries. This usually consists of a charge fallowed by a discharge, or a discharge followed by a discharge. This feature was incorporated when NiCad batteries developed a "memory" which was less than it's capacity. Cycling was to allow the battery to return to it's original capacity.

Usually LiPo batteries are not cycled. However if a LiPo is not going to be used for a couple of weeks it should be discharged to what is referred to a storage charge. This is usually 3.85 volts per cell. Leaving a LiPo fully charged or discharged for long periods of time wil shorten the battery life.l


But if I have 3 new LiPo batteries, never charged for my $ 10k+ jet just about to maiden, should I charge and discharge them just for testing their condition or should I rely my investment to the battery manufacturer?

I think my choice is to test the battery at least for one cycle, even if I am going to reduce their life a little rather than maiden my jet with no tested batteries even if they are new.

Am I OK or am I wrong?

I have the suggested manufacturer charger (Thunder Power batteries and Thunder Power TP-610C charger/Discharger