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Default RE: Dynaflite Corsair build

my dad just built 2 of these. I bought the kit a couple of years ago, we both had the dynaflite p51 (.40) and liked those so I figured "why not" anyway, I had the plans copied at Kinko's, ordered lots of balsa, and he built one from the kit and one from scratch. They are at his house right now, but I need to take some pictures. Mine is framed up, his is covered waiting for me to cover, after I finish with my 4*.

I recently moved and where I live now there is a small flying field (did I mention it is a SMALL flying field?) maybe 3 to 5 acres fenced with lots of trees around it. Currently only my dad and I fly here, but it has a a paved runway and a little building and picnic table. It's on city property and surrounded by a lot of nothing, except trees. It has a short runway with a fence at both ends, a road at one end. So I was looking for stuff that flys good and lands slow, I think this will fill the bill.

We are putting dual aileron servos out in the wings, I'v already thought about changing the rudder hinge line, but I don't know if I will do it. I'm thinking of putting a 4stroke on it inverted, that's how my p51 was and you could barely see the engine. I'm still trying to decide on a color scheme.