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Default RE: Dynaflite Corsair build

Yes, but the DynaFlite was first. In fact, DynaFlite was the 1st to produce ANY 'FunScale' 40 size warbird: the P-51
I have a Jemco/Marks Models funscale mustang that predates the Dynaflite Mustang. It is the same outline, but totally different building method and structure. I did some research once, and the "Fun Scale" stuff was designed by Jim Meister. Marks Models made gliders, then bought the Jemco stuff, also designed by Jim Meister. Then Dynaflite bought Marks Models, then re-engineered the P51. I think they had Meister draw up the .60 size, then they came back and updated the way the .40 size was built. In some of my old Magazines the adds also show a Marks Models/Jemco Fun Scale P-39, I wouldn't mind turning up one of those kits, just because. I have a Marks Models FS P-51 in my stash of kits, and also a .60 size P-51 in my stash. Sometimes I follow the Spits and the P-40s in the auctions, but they usually get too rich for my blood. I'd settle for just a copy of the plans.

The Corsair kit I bought sat at a hobby shop here in Dallas for years, and I never bought it because I wasn't real fond of the flat oval shape. As the years went on, and "good" kits (ie kits I like), started to dissapear, I decided "what the heck, even a profile can look like a warbird once it's airborne!" Remember when you could buy a p-51 kit in any size imaginable, and from multiple makers. Now if you want a .40 size p-51 KIT, what choices are there besides the GP P-51?

I liked the P-51, mine was modified a little, because I could set it up to do most anything I wanted to do...it never would knife edge too well, but I probably didn't have enough motor or rudder. But it lands like a trainer plane, anybody can fly this thing...it has all of the good qualities of an "Ugly Stick", but looks like a warbird in the air.