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Default RE: Hangar 9 Taylorcraft 20cc.


I think there are a couple guys that have the G26 in there Taylorcraft and are satisfied with the results. I have the DLE 30 in my H9 Taylorcraft swinging a XOAR 18X8 prop. The engine fits inside the cowl with no cutting except for the exhaust pipe running out the bottom of the cowl. I am running a longer prop hub so that keeps the engine back further. The DLE 30 flys the plane much faster than scale but I wanted the plane to hover which it does nicely. As far as how the TC flys it's great but being a clipped wing version at about 15lbs you need to use throttle managment when landing. The new Taylorcraft is smaller, less wing area, higher wing loading, and a little heavier than the older version but a very nice plane to fly and it draws a lot of attention at the field.

Older Taylorcraft specs:

Wingspan: 85.5 in (2172 mm)
Wing Area: 1315 sq in (84.4 dm²)
Flying Weight: 13 - 15 lb (5.9 - 6.8 kg)
Engine Size: 1.08 - 1.48 (2-stroke), 1.20-1.82 (4-stroke)

New Taylorcraft specs:

Wingspan: 80.5 in (2045mm)
Overall Length: 63.5 in (1615mm)
Wing Area: 1152 sq in (74.5 sq dm)
Flying Weight: 14–15.5 lb (6.4–7.1 kg)
Engine Size: 1.00–1.60 2-stroke, 1.20–1.80 4-stroke, 20–26cc gas