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Default RE: First time out in a year with the Hyper!


here in Illinois it sucks... track is closed, snow keeps falling as soon as its almost melted, salt on the streets.

im tired of it collecting dust. i hate this state[&o]

yeah it is a great feeling to take a car out of storage, plop in some batts, fill the tank, and it fires and takes off without a problem, makes this hobby worth while when it goes so easy, cant wait for spring!!
Yeah good seeing yah too shark, I use to be A.K.A Mercedes turbo but i made a new account. lol Anyways yeah, it really brings you back into the spirit of the hobby. I just wish i had started doing it again sooner. And yes, I cant wait for spring! I think you guys gave us all your snow because we got a lot today, and were suppose to get some tomorrow. Thx haha jk.