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Default RE: Parkzone Corsair hand launch

zsultan, One thing that helped me tame the anxiety in the beginning with the F4U hand launch was to practice hand launching over tall grass without power. This worked very well with first the PZ Spitfire and then with the bent wing bird. Good dead stick hand launches provide some useful stick time that works very well in preparation for the real thing - 15-20 yards of controlled flight is possible - attempts to take even one step during the launch have resulted in scary results for me, but then I am no young 50 year old whippersnapper either.

I enjoy hand launching the Corsair with my left hand and with my right thumb on the stick. Although it seems a little awkward at first I hold the ship by the nose with finger support under the wing. With about 3/4 throttle I am able to get very comfortable launches. Watching my buddy Tim fly his F4U without gear at yesterday's CAP has stimulated the thought that I might just have to buy another one like I have done with my 109s. It's much too much trouble to be swapping back and fourth with gear/nogear and I like 'em both ways.

Its becoming abundantly clear to me that my belly landers are going to get a lot more care free flying time due to practical park flyer flying conditions than any of my landing gear equipped machines.


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