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Default RE: Scale poseable pilot making

Wow, those photos turned out bigger than expected! The last pic of "Eric the pilot" in the Boomerang cockpit - he's actually too big because he is 1/4 scale and that particular molding is a 1/5th scale which is on hold while the 1/4 scale one is being finished. I forgot to mention that the 1/4 scale pilot fully clothed weighs less than 300g.

While researching the project we found an old pilot who is still living who flew that particular plane and was able to name the guy in the photo as his CO, Eric Cooke. The nose art is a caricature of Eric with his big moustache. Our old pilot friend Tom was able to fill us in on the story behind the painting. We got Tom to supply us with a photo of himself from his younger days in service in New Guinea and we have modelled a pilot on him as well. This head was the first version and I'm still working on a better one - Tom thought his nose was too wide!! One of the pics of Tom below is him standing next to the cnc machine that cut his head, arms and boots

The next project is a 1/3 pilot for a friend building a Fokker Tridecker. We've decided to do the Red Baron - Manfred Von Richthofen. He's just been cut so a few steps to go til he's moulded and painted. I make a casting that can be sanded and primed til it's smooth then remould the worked head. He has the skull cap moulded on his head and I'll make a jacket with a big fur collar and scarf that will just about cover him up as they did in those open cockpits! We'll have to work on some goggles to sit on his cap. That'll need a 1/3 body to fit onto as well and the gloved hands and boots too.

After that another friend has a 1/5 Storch half built and he wants Hanna Reitsch, the famous female German pilot. I've started the 3D sculpt on that one so will post pics as these 2 progress. Richard has put his order in for a 1/6 "Pappy" Boyington for his Brian Taylor Corsair. He's the one I hand sculpted a few years ago and that was a challenge being so small! It's so much fun and such a challenge to try to make a pilot look like someone in particular.

The photos below are of Tom in his RAAF tropical uniform and the photo he supplied that I worked from. The next one will be better but see what you think of the nose

Hopefully I'll have more to post in the near future.

Happy modelling