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Default RE: AMA EC Minutes Jan. 23 2010 (FAA INFO)

"• Their presentation noted that the alternative standards would be established in accordance with OMB A-119. There are groups that can assist AMA in developing these standards however in discussion with D. Mathewson, R. Hanson noted this would not be cost effective
• Up to this point, Hanson had been told that the program office was going to find simpler way for model aviation to achieve a means of complying with the SFAR; however now that Tarbert is retired from the FAA it makes for a difficult track ahead
• The only alternative would be to talk with the administration of FAA and explain that making AMA go through this process is not feasible and press for reconsideration; this would be difficult but not impossible. It may be necessary to go as high as Peggy Gilmore (Aviation Safety Director)"

kinda bothersome that doing the FAA recommended procedure for establishing the alternative standards is deemed "not cost effective" by the AMA president and our AMA rep.