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Default Blade SR no lift power after crash. Need help!

I am new to collective pitch heli and have a problem. I have the new Blade SR.After a hard crash, I noticed I no longer have lift. I can move the throttle to the max and I can hear the prop spin up to what sounds like full rotational speed but no lift. The tips of the blades have the white coating peeled back a bit but they look in good overall shape.
When doing a check on the cyclical control for the forward, back, left and right, the main blades move in the proper direction and the servos respond they way they should.
When I doa throttle test, I can see it speed up but when I look carefully at the swashplate, I dont notice any change to the blade pitch so I am thinking the problem with the lift is the blades are not moving to a higher pitch when I throttle up which I assume it should when I throttle up.
All linkages are straight and no visible damage anywhere. Why do I seem to have full control of all controls except for lift?