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Default RE: Scale poseable pilot making

Hello to all - I'm hearing you!

It is extremely encouraging to hear such enthusiasm and we're now figuring out ways to become efficient at making the little pups. I suppose it's not really surprising because if we weren't able to find what we were after ourselves, then there must be lots of others in the same boat (plane?).

So in answer to your question Bryan, yes we are now planning to make them available to others. You'll have to bare with us while we get organised but we are currently working on body moulds for 1/6, 1/5, 1/4 and 1/3 scales. As time goes on we plan to produce each head in all the scales along with arms, hands, gloves and boots as well as accessories like caps, goggles etc. Because the heads and other parts are generated on the computer, once the "sculpting" has been created, they can be cut in all the different sizes quite quickly. It's great to hear all the wish lists, keep them coming! That gives me an idea of what I should be doing next. We're doing some costings so PM me for an idea of price if you're interested.

Who is Doug Campbell Doc? Pardon my ignorance. Send a pic and if you think he'd be a popular choice for a WWI pilot it's a definite possibility.

The historically correct uniform is something we're looking for in our own pilots so it goes without saying that we're continuing to add the detail - which is the fun part. I've just added the wing badge to Tom's uniform this morning and am really pleased with the way it turned out. There are lots of other badges like that on other uniforms and they add such realism, and colour as well to the uniforms.

Does anyone happen to have a pic of the radio head gear worn by the RAAF pilots in Mareeba/New Guinea? We're planning to put a set on Tom as he said that's how he flew - cockpit open, headphones on and goggles hanging around his neck. Like the photo below. Flying with the open cockpit is the reason he had such a receding hair line he reckons too

Also, does anyone know the colour of the flight suits worn by RAF /RAAF spitfire pilots in Europe? It's so difficult to tell from black and white photos. Every photo you look at seems to have different shades of grey amongst the individual pilots indicating anything from dark blue to khaki or brown!

I'd like to start making up a pattern for the flight suit and even the may west. The making of the clothing is quite time consuming and fiddly so I was thinking of just supplying the patterns to fit the different sized bodies and hopefully you guys can find someone to make them up. How does that idea sit?

I could perhaps do a step by step in the thread of how to put it together and painting techniques as well?

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