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Default RE: Old kit pricing, on line website?

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Gray Beard,

We must be about the same age, I too purchased the ''old timer'' kits I've built, and some I still have, from hobby shops.

Sterling Stearman, is one I'm still working on. Many changes though.

I'm selling my Stafford Twin Commanche. I can't afford to take a beating on it.

If you drift over to the ebay site you really will see there are a lot of collectors out there. When I was still in Calif. and belonged to some good clubs there would be builders with kits they would put up at auction so other builders would have a chance to get there kits and build them. At that time I had several nice kits but like a Dumb Mule I didn't think about making up templates so I could share with others. Now there are a few of them I would like to build another for myself. If you know how much you will take for your kit then ebay seems to be the way to go. We also have a place here on RCU to post it. The site Toolow posted is one of the better sites I have seen for the going kit values.
Yes, I still remember going to the hardware store to buy my first plane, the FireBaby. Then going back there to buy the new parts like a 15 cent wing or a 25 cent fuse as parts were needed, The first ARF!!! That site just showed how lucky we were. Hard to get a kid to build anything today except a web site. I have tried to teach kit building but one kit and they were right back to there ARFs.