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Default RE: Old kit pricing, on line website?

I see that a lot. I do live close to an almost real hobby shop but he has pretty much gone over to ARFs too. Stocking kits is no longer an option for him. What he can get these days just sits on a shelf collecting dust. There are also a lot more pilots flying today there there used to be so I don't have a problem with the ARFs, as long as people are having fun. As a kid I quit building for a while when COX/TD started selling the plastic control line planes, they had a great selection and put on shows at Disney Land. Free Flights got me right back into building though then when I was older a friend and I started building control lines again. As long as I can buy wood and plans I'm OK with it. I do get a laugh when the other guys come over when I have a new plane and ask me who makes it!!! Good luck selling your kit.