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Default RE: Old kit pricing, on line website?

ORIGINAL: carrellh

ORIGINAL: Avaiojet
3D flying? You won't believe this. I actually spoke with a modeler, at my Club field, who belives full size aerobatic airplanes fly like that.
Some of them do.
Not quite 100% 3-D but they are getting closer all the time and as the video is showing, a lot of the 3-D stunts are done with full scale!!! I was going to mention to Charles about getting out to some air shows and watching what some of these stunt pilots are doing these days. Like Carrs video shows, they can do a lot of 3-D. The longest tail slide I have ever seen was done in a Pitts and the pilot was talking to the crowd during the complete show!! Full smoke and all. Other then just a few things they can do a bunch of 3-D so the kids are right!! I was out at the NASCAR races at the Vegas track a couple weeks ago and the Red Bull Extra was putting on a show doing things I wouldn't risk one of my RC planes doing!! Some great shows!! Try to catch the Red bull racing series on TV, that's another eye opener!!!