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Default problem with my century pred. 90?

i bought a century predator 90 max nx back in september, and it was on a JR 9303, so we transferred it to one of our friend's 9303's so i could dly it without having to reset everything. we just transferred it to my futaba 9c, and i am no pro at setting helicopters up, but we had one of our friends that has been flying choppers for at least 8 years, and i was flying it the other day on my radio, trimming it out and making sure eerything was working. i hit the throttle hold switch about 5 feet high, and it took a couple seconds to work, then it went to idle like it is supposed to. after it landed, it turned throttle hold off, and it wouldnt take throttle. it acted like the throttle hold switch was still on, but it wasnt. i had al control but throttle was idle. i shut it off, started it again, and flew it a little and then, without using throttle hold, landed it. as soon as it went to idle, i throttled back up and nothing happened. so i shut it off, and the throttle servo started working again as soon as the engine died.
any clues as to what is causing it? i was thinking the governer, but it shouldnt be causing this because it is only in effect when the head speed is up above 1000 rpms....