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Default RE: Looking for a good gas engine

ORIGINAL: 1/4 Scale

Yeah, the instructions were for a different plane and they couldn't get me the correct ones. They discontinued the plane. I wonder why. A first time builder couldn't have put the plane together. It did turn out ok though.
I haven't assembled any of there big planes but I have put together a lot of the smaller ones for people. The Chinglish instructions were so funny my wife took them to work for a joke and had everyone read them. So far every 90-120 size plane I have assembled has come out tail heavy, how did yours come out? Any real odd problems with the constructions? What kind of mods did you have to do? Did you have to reglue a lot of stuff? I question this because I have a nice new Brison 40cc gasser without a home and I'm in one of my building burn outs.