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Default Ultracote Trim Shrinking

I just noticed that when Iadd a piece of Ultracote trim over Ultracote base that has been already been shrunk the new trim piece does not shrink in a similar manner. As a result the base has a nice high gloss finish (as a result of shrinking) while the trim piece remains a bit dull with the telltale "pre-shrinking"dimples.

Have any of you Ultracote zealots figured out a method that will result in both the base and trim having that nice high gloss finish?

Anticipating a suggestion - I am not about to hit this covering job with a heat gun as the trim will very likely shrivel up and peal on the edges. The covering in use is true red which is partially transparent and pretty thin - makes for easy stretch-n-shrink around the tips but really curls up when a heat gun gets NEARan edge (been there and done that).