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Default Piper Cub CG & Paint Removal

Afternoon all,

I bought a used Piper at a swap meet this weekend. As I didn't get the Mfr.'s name from the seller I'm having a hard time finding online info for specs. Three questions about this plane:

1. Is the typical CG measure of using the main wing spar as a rough CG point going to work for the short fused Piper? Wingspan is slightly over 6' on this model.

2. This came with an O.S. 71 4 stroke with a 13x6 prop.I'd estimate without weighing the plane that it's about 7 lbs. assembled.Given the huge wing area to help with lift, will this engine adequately power the plane as a cruiser?

3. The plane fuselage is fabric covered and has been painted, unfortunately in a Camo scheme. During the painting the top of the engine and part of the exhaust were sprayed. What's the best and safest way to remove the paint prior to running the engine and baking the gunk on?

Thanks in advance for any help/ideas.