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Default RE: UFO foamie

This is a from the manual-

"2. This airplane requires the use of a couple of different
mixes. With the large number of different radios on the
market it is impossible to provide exact instructions for all
of them so we have attempted to give you the basic mixes
you will need to set up the VFO Pogo. You will need to refer
to the instruction manual for your radio to understand how to
achieve the mixes explained here. You will fi nd it helpful to
refer to the photographs that follow in the next section."

The manual is pretty vague and I don't know your radio I will help the best I can.

From what I see you need to set it up with elevons, use two different channels for the rudders and mix them, and then mix them with the aileron channel. I don not see a need for the Y harness described in the manual unless you use a 4 channel.


That is an instructional video from Hobbico. Hope this helps-BW