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Default Epoxy Mixing Ratios.....

Ok guys (and gals )

I know this topic has been "partially" discussed before but I could not find a specific answer while doing a search..... So here is the "specific" question for the experts and folks with experience......Here is the scenario.....

While discussing "working time" of using epoxy today with one of the fellas , I was informed that I could vary the working time of a two part epoxy by simply using 1/2 of the recommended hardener.... In other words, if I wanted to lengthen the working time of say, 30 min 2 part epoxy, I could mix it at a ratio of 1:1/2(of hardener) vs the "standard" 1:1 ratio.

I would like to hear from the forum members "why" this practice would be OK or "why" this practice is not a good idea.....

I'm conducting an experiment as we speak using this un-conventional mixing ratio to see if it fully cures using 30 min Devcon 2 part epoxy...

Thanx in advance for all of your comments !