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Default RE: Stuck Prop nut

 Piston stops, and a bolt in the case of Gray Beard, are the best way to secure your piston in cases like this. It won't cause any damage to the piston at all and is a safe and secure way to keep the engine from turning while you remove/install a prop. It won't scratch or dent the piston as you should slowly turn the engine until the piston is in contact with the piston stop, and then remove or install the prop. Taking the head off of an engine for something like this could actually cause more problems than it solves, and removing the head will not do anything to secure the engine while removing the prop nut. Trying to remove the backplate and brace the connecting rod will turn into an ungracefull routine becuase there is no real way to do this that is simple. You are going to be facing weird angles and trying to insert something to stop the engine from turning, and then holding all of this while you try to remove the prop nut.  Using a piston stop is the best overall way of doing this as it is a hands free method of securing the engine. Simply screw in the piston stop, rotate the engine to contact the stop, and then you have both hands free to remove the prop nut.