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Default RE: OK how do you stop the wag?

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......a Hobby King 401b Gyro (they say they are a futaba gy401 clone) and Futaba T6EXP radio....
The only thing I found of the HK 401B to be like the Futaba GY-401 is the size, color and that they are gyros. Their performance is nowhere near the same. For training type of flying they may seem similar, but when you start into more demanding flying you will find a big difference. Heck even the lower cost Futaba GY240 is better IMHO.

But back to your problem - first you say your battery was too low to continue...the frst component to react badly to low voltage, is the gyro.

Also, if you have any binding in your control system, the S-148 servo will be hard pressed to do its' job properly.

Is there any heli clubs in your area? If so, you will save yourself a lot of time and frustration in setting up your Hawk (a great 30 size heli) if you would get help from the knowledgable heli fliers in your area.