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Default motor stopped working....

Ok, i have a century swift. i decided to upgrade the 4s1p to a 6s1p as the manual says i can.

i went out hovered around dialing in the pitch and throttle some landing a few times to do so due to higher headspeeds now as the tail would not hold with my current setup. after the 3rd time i go to take off and the motor twitched like i lost a leg on the esc.

I bring it inside to check it out closer. the motor is very hot, keep in mind i never went over 75% throttle speed on this.

I ohm out the motor leads and they are getting continuity between legs, not sure how to test the 3 phase dc motors. and im gettin 12k ohm between 2 on the esc

i just got this not to long ago and have hovered it around the yard almost every night for a few weeks at around 80-90% throttle. on the 4s1p battery.

I was doin some research and ppl say dont run ur throttle at under 100% for over 30 seconds or it may burn up ur esc and motor? this true?

so maybe when i jumped to the 6s1p battery i flew for a minute or so and it fried it? before i always checked after a goot 5-7 minute flight and neither the motor or esc was hot till now.

any body know how to test the motor and esc on these?

and also why i may have burnt them up