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Default RE: motor stopped working....

The only Swift RTF version that I know of is the one here:


Their, it only states that it uses the 4S battery pack - I cannot find anywhere that says it can be used with a 6S.

And on Page 7 of the RTF the manual :


it is very clear that the 75A ESC used in that version (which does not seem to be the same as the 60A CNE481 you linked me to) can ONLY be used with a 4S pack without damaging the ESC.

I had the older 550 motor and the older 55A ESC (predecessor to that 60A ESC that you refer to) in a Swift that I have since sold to a friend. It now has well over 300 flights on it and is still going strong. But has only been used on 4S and 5S packs as per the instructions. So I would think that buying another set and running them on the proper battery packs would work out fine.

But if you want to use your 6S pack, then go for their 80A ESC and their 600+ motor. I have that combo in two of my Swifts now and really like it. Then you can use it with any pack from 4S to 5S to 6S...and pick different head speeds, for different types of flying, by simply changing the $10.00 pinions.

P.S. You may not have damaged your motor, you may have only damaged your ESC, so maybe all you need is a new ESC. But if it is not damaged, and you want to use it with your 6S pack I would suggest you check with Century to insure it is capable of handling the 22.2Volts of your 6S pack.

I also think that the BEC part of the ESC is only for use to power the radio, when you are using 4S packs. If you are using 5s or 6s packs then I think you may have to remove the red wire from the BEC lead that goes to the throttle plug of the receiver and use a seperate 4.8V battery pack to power the radio gear. I know that was made very clear in the instructions for the 55A ESC that I had.