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Default RE: How big a problem is to much engine

In addition to all of Sandman's comments ... there's gyroscopic precession from that great big prop; this could make your model less-than-pleasant when it comes to performing aeros and maybe a little tricky if you need to fly a go-around.

You might also find that either, A ... the model is tricky to land, 'cos it's carrying too much power at idle, or B ... there is a vast amount of drag from the prop at idle; again, this could be a surprise for you. The actual effects will depend upon the prop which you choose and the idle rpm which you select.

Gosh, we are negative, aren't we?

On the plus side, if you get over those problems, you will have a model which will do those thundering fly-pasts and effortless, huge loops, which are typical of the full-sized warbird.

TBH, I'd have thought that a 14lb model would fly very well on a 1.50 -sized four-stroke glow engine. Add a bit for your altitude and you are looking at a 1.80 -sized engine ... maybe 2 horse-power.

Be interested to hear how it works out for you, though.