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Default RE: How big a problem is to much engine

Thanks Guys for the info and I wouldn’t consider any of it negative for sure. Like allot of the stuff sandmann was mentioning at first I was figuring for effects. Deep down inside I wanted to see if it’s possible because the 3W 75cc is such a sweet engine. I do have an evo 26GX but again at my altitude I’m looking at the power and performance from that engine more like a Zenoah 23 with the loss at this altitude. As far as clearance goes on the Avenger I have a 3 blade Biela 22 x 12 that will clear and is a good midrange for that 75cc engine. I’ve checked fit and clearance of every aspect and it can work, its just the weight that is really the big factoring issue. Although to me it is a bit odd that this big bird fly’s with a 26GX or 150 4 stroke as those engines do seem a little small for a giant scale plane this size to begin with. But easytiger has been doing this for awhile and they know what works for their planes. I think I did want to see if anyone out there had done something this significant as far as sizing up an engine like this in a giant scale. I think what will satisfy me and be within a good range for still performing well in this bird is to get something like an Evolution 35GX which will give me the power I want.

Thanks guys for the advice and I will post back what I go with and how it works.