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Default RE: NEW Top Flight P-40??? 1/5 scale

Well like IBM , microsoft kick there as...... until they finally got around to releasing what the market wanted . How many years has the RC community asked for a Top Flight P40 ???
Lets see , skyshark has there 1/5 P40 floating around $375 , ESM has theres now around $625 , not to menthion the first class kit by Yellow that is almost an ARF .

So at 22 pounds , should we expect the price of the Top Flight P47 Giant , and will the scale outline be better then the current offerings ?

I am not impressed with the ESM , at over $600 you need to see counter balances in the tail , its a major part of the P40 .
The skyshark is one hell of a deal but its not the most favorite of mine I like the P40E the best but still its a great value
And who can say anything but praise about the Yellow P40 .

Now I dont know about the New Century Jet P40 release(photos on web ) and the price tag is way up there plus the reports on the CJ Seafury were not stellar , so who know but I think its in a price class all on its own .

I was looking for Top Flight to release a gold edition version first before a 1/5 release .(but hey that is just my wallet not my taiste