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mate...new fuel tank and yes ive blown through it to make sure its clear.new fuel line and filter ,all clear and filter rite way round...i am blowin up rite line,when i blow up the pressure line from the pipe,the fuel comes out alittle then cant blow anymore coz its blocked.i have taken the hsn assembly out and cleaned it...still blocked...i dont know any other way to type it bro.THE CARBY IS BLOCKED SOMEWHERE PAST THE HSN.i have taken the hsn off my other truck,4.6,and its still blocked.i then took carb of my 4.6 savage motor and put it on the macstar...and it now runs.if u look into the hole where the hsn screws into there seems to be a brass colored bar or rod half covering the hole.is that sposed to be there?ive tried to move it but it wont budge.i think when i tighten the hsn assembly into that hole it hits the rod and blocks the fuel (and air from blowin).oh yeah,the hsn setting is 2 turns out from in.
your LSN is probably too lean and blocking the flow