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my mate just got a hobao pirate mt and it has the same engine.i went of his settings.his runs great...
Well, try opening the engine up and taking everything out, cleaning everything with nitro spray, and then lubing everything WELL with after run oil or WD40(nitro cleaner will take out ALL the grease). Take your carb assembly completely apart, needles backed out, LSN housing and shoe backed out, and try blowing through the fuel nipple again. If it's still blocked, you have a real problem with the carb, which would require replacement, or warranty if you are running a new motor. If not, spray everything down with nitro cleaner and lube again with after run oil or wd40. Beyond that, I'd be left with a lack of words, because that's all you can do to the engine. If it still has the blockage, you probably got a bad engine.