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Default Important Announcement from Jetlegend regarding F20

To all whom it may concern:

As management of the Jetlegend company we were shocked to hear about the crashes of the F20’s, produced by our company. When we received the clear information we started an investigation.

Jetlegend has been in model jet business for more than ten years; this is the first time that we are confronted with so many crashes of one model.
After the first message reached us through our network, we initially suspected that the plane might have been overpowered or had seen unusual high G maneuvers beyond the limit of the plane. As the first information only mentioned one case it was regarded as an incident.

As with any plane presented to the market, the F20 went through our standard test program. It had many test flights powered by a Jetcat P120 jet engine. After the crash report we had at least 20 test flights, pushing the test plane to the limits, but no signs of problems were detected.

After following reports we tried to find the limits of the design and/or manufacturing and we then decided to use a Jetcat P160 to fly again. This test was done recently, in which the first 5 flights were ok, but in the 6th flight, during a high speed low pass, the plane developed a problem. After landing the investigation revealed that the elevator was loose, but fortunately was still working. It was concluded that the elevator couldn’t hold up at high speeds with a P160, but we wondered why the F20 with P120 was also having problems in the field as reported in a few customers’ cases.

We checked the static thrust on the test plane and found that our P120, installed in the F20, gave significant less output than rated.

We apology to the customers who crashed a F20 produced by us; the problem occurred due to our design and not having stressed it enough during testing. We do take responsibility for that.

For those customers who crashed a Jetlegend produced F20, Jetlegend is offering a free-of-charge replacement by any model from the Jetlegend range, including landing gear.

To those customers who bought our F20, but did not get it in the air yet, improved replacement parts will be send free-of-charge as soon as possible.

We would like to apologize sincerely to all effected customers for the losses and for the missed flying fun.

In order to avoid similar situation happening in the future, there will be review of construction methods and testing procedures.

We, as Jetlegend management team, hope that above mentioned actions are sufficient to restore the confidence in our products and company and we wish all many successful model jet flights.

Best regards

Jetlegend management team