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Default RE: Important Announcement from Jetlegend regarding F20

ORIGINAL: AndyAndrews

Nice to hear them do the right thing. Its refreshing and makes them stand out amongst others who have not.

I wonder if they would have done it without all of the pressure from RCU? JL owners should thank RCU.

Jeremy, you now have some solid evidence that a major jet kit manufacturer has afforded to replace defective kits that crashed due to their design defects. Let this recall stand as a precedent to all of the other Chinese factories ARF factories who have had manufacturing defects that caused their customers to loose jets.

100% Andy, this is huge. My HOPE for Jet Legend now though, is that people are HONEST. My biggest concern as a company would be that those who are claiming a loss, have legitimately lost the airplane. I like to think that this community is honest in that regard, but it's a big chance that JL is taking, I give them huge props for stepping up!