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Default RE: Hetzer Road Wheels - inner face

That's perfect you guys, just what I needed to confirm what I suspected. I have to confess I went by the website you
highlighted Rex but I blew right past that photo. Takes multiple sets of eyes to see the right information. Word to the wise:
never think I've seen something before; even if I've have there a chance that I've not really seen it...

Thanks Gunnar I've not seen that either or certainly don't recall it.

To all you Bay Area folks: I ran over to Alco Metals this morning to get some heavy walled aluminium tube to make parts of these wheels. During the checkout process I was told that their scrap / used- new metals section, that part that has supplied
material for just about every project of mine for the last 16 years, will be changing dramatically. Alco wants to move
away from new remnants and scrap and concentrate on big new stuff and big orders. So if you have any projects in the planning stages I'd stock up on the materials you need while you can still buy a foot of this or a foot of that... As it is they have a $30
minimum where it used to be $7.50... ah what sad times these are...