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Default RE: FAI Manuvers list RC1/F3A from 1960->


The schedule(s) used at the 1962, 1963 & 1965 WCs (winning models were Perigee, Amanusa & Crusader respectively) have been harder to find although this one was used at some or possibly all of them -

1)Take Off
2)Procedure Turn
3)Stall Turn
5)Three Inside Loops
6)Three Outside Loops
7)Reversal( Split-S)
8)Two Opposite Rolls
9)Tail Slide
10)Horizontal Eight
11)Cuban Eight
12)Vertical Eight
13)Straight Inverted
14)Inverted Eight
15)Vertical Roll
16)Three Turn Spin
17)Landing Approach

Bo - There doesn't seem to be much interest in these from other forum members so I don't think I will bother researching any more. I guess the BPA. SPA, VR/CS etc use their own schedules rather than the appropriate FAI ones for the period.


Hi Ray,
Very interesting to me. I love the art work of the "ribbon" style drawings before the Aresti became standard.
Same way in full scale aerobatics, my father and I used these figures when he taught me in the late 60's (we were a little behind the times even then, I'm sure).
I flew at an R/C Classic Pattern event recently and we used SPA and BPA Patterns already established and they all had elements of these patterns you've graciously illustrated here, but you are correct in stating that the ones used are not exactly the FAI schedules.
Thanks for posting them, anyway. It's a great history lesson.