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Default RE: exponential settings on rudder airtronics RDS8000?


I contacted Airtronics by phone with this question and they responded with a "No", only the ELE and AIL have D/R and EXPO. I emailed them regarding programming an airplane in HELI mode to get rates and expos on all 3 control surfaces but never got a response. I tried programmming in HELI mode and was able to actually get 3 rates and expos on each of the 3 surfaces but got stuck on the throttle settings. I know essentially nothing about programming a helicopter but I believe the problem was that the idle position for the throttle in HELI is center so that the collective pitch can be positivie or negative. I couldn't figure out a work around.

If someone knows a work around on this please share. This is the main reason I'm considering buying another make of transmitter. The RDS8000 has very reliable but EXPO on the rudder is kind of important.