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I know its NOT part of THIS forum, but next week, I'll be getting my NEXTCaster vehicle: ZX 1.5R! Gotta have it ASAP! Our local track is closed down for repairs until the 1st Saturday in September, so now I have time to get the new buggy, B6 engine, starter box, &MYNEWFUTABA radio!

Let me know how you like the B6. I may get one too. Just so you know Holeshot can get those motors for you.

I also ran the truggy this past saturday. Did not qualify too well but still made the A as it was a club race and wanted to save my super softs for the main so I ran a old set of JCons. Ended up last after the first couple turns but worked my way past the field with the K8T and up into second place and without about 5 minutes left I was 2 turns behind the leader when he broke and at the same time my battery came unplugged and my truck took off! Needless to say I did not finish cause of that. LOL! Truck was DIALED in the main! My friend took it for a spin earlier and was putting faster laps times with my K8T then with his Kyosho ST-RR, said he had the same amount of on power steering but the Caster had way more off power and no need for using the brake to get the back around just a little bit like he does. This coming from a guy who podiums and/or wins most of the local races here he attends.

I got to see the NEWB6 in person on an Xray 2010. (The only thing was the Werks team driver had put a B5 head on it while he was testing it.), &I noticed a couple things on it that were NOT on my B5. So I asked & yes, it was the B6! On buggy, it is SUPPOSED to "THEENGINE", but was also told NOTthe 1 for a truggy. Due to the slight loss of low end torque.

I know you can change clutches, springs, etc, etc & get a bit more outta ANY engine. BUTI prefer my "RACE" clutch setup. This way IF anything goes "wrong", I'll know it immediately & fix it. I know HOW it is going to act & react.

I'll also PM you on this engine.

Greg Johnson.