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ORIGINAL: cold_reboot

LRP Spec 3 Truggy (originally bought for a different truggy, but since I'm selling the other truck this needed a home)
Hitec 5955 Steering, Spektrum Z650 or 690, whatever it is, on throttle (had it laying around too, I'll probably pick up a faster one after I sell the first truggy)
Thunder Tiger tuned exhaust, had read a bunch of info on it and a lot seem to like it
Dynamite Throttle/Brake Linkage
7K/10K/3K on fluids
40wt Silicone in shocks
Wheels and tires are stockers, figured they are fine for break in and a little playin around afterward. PL Velocity's I already have (black), will mate them to Bow Ties or Crime Fighters.
Dyed the Stock white plastics (Wing and Wheels) black

Upgrades Planned

Caster Big Bores when they get stateside
Captured type Pivot Balls (steering, turnbuckles)
Caster 150cc fuel tank

The 3K weight in the rear WILLBETOOMUCH!

Go down to 1000 weight.

Been there, done that!