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Default RE: Dragon wing failure.

ORIGINAL: pilot tw


I had posted some info on other threads but I decided to start a new one to let anyone who owns a dragon know about the problem. First I'll start by saying I absolutely loved the way the plane flew, last saturday as I was doing a KE pass the left wing came off, after walking to the crash site I noticed the aluminium tab was still attached to the fuse. I was surprised to see that it was VERY short and as the pictures will show it only went into the wing 3/4''. I was surprised as I thought it was a lot longer and better secured. I had a few guys tell me to post it on rcu but I decided I would privately e-mail Anton first but he never replied. I then tried to get a hold of him here on rcu but no luck neither even though he answered someone else's question during the same time. I wasn't looking for a discount or a free plane, I've flown long enough to know that as they say ***** happens. All I wanted to know was if he had heard of this before and if I bought another dragon this would not happen again. It's a real shame because I really wanted another one as it really is one of the best kept secrets and excellent value for the money. If you own a dragon please check these tabs !

Hi, Albert

Sorry for your lost,

I will ask the John tomorrow, why not inform me about your E-mail, and i will ask my staffs for check all Dragon kits again,

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Now that I finally got your attention, what are your thought on the pictures ?