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Default Slimline Boxxer Fuel Pump

Does anyone have the rebuild instructions for this pump?
My fairly new Boxxer (less than 1 hr use) has developed a very slow pace fueling my tanks. It takes about 4 - 5 mins to fill an 8 oz tank. It has always been slow, but this is crazy! I took it apart and everyhting looks OK. My fuel station plumbing uses large tubing and has no leaks, or restrictions, and was working perfectly well with the Sonic-Tronics unit until it quit on me. The 12 volt battery is fully charged and supplying ample voltage.
Can anyone provide the instructions in case I'm missing somewthing very simple? It's a very simple concept, but I don't want a pump to run for 15-20 min to fill up a 24 oz tank. Geesh I can start it and go get a drink and finish it before it's full.