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Default RE: Servo Strength's

Also, that much expo often makes the sticks too slow in the middle and too fast acting after half movement.

We used to fly without expo, and fly very well with some practice. So it's not exactly impossible to fly without. Continue that thought and consider flying with expo set around 20-30%.

What happens when a beginner tries to fly with too much expo is a bit complex. He gets so little feedback in flight at cruise speeds that he thinks he's getting no response or not enough response. He's not usually gentle on the stick while trying to discover how much stick is enough. Mof, he usually doesn't understand he's trying to learn "enough". So he pushes his sticks too fast, until something happens that he actually notices. When that happens with too much expo set, too much is happening when he finally see it and then darn stick is making things happen EVEN FASTER and faster. He winds up with the stick out in the area where the expo is really moving the surface and he hasn't got a hope in hades of learning any feel like that. Plus by then, the airplane's surface is beyond where it ought to be.

I've had a couple of beginners whose good buddies told 'em to use 50% or worse. Those buddies weren't flying that much expo but thought it would be better for beginners. Why? Who knows. Maybe they didn't like newbies or something. I've had students learn on TXs that didn't have expo and they learned as fast as anybody. Soon as they experienced expo they were happier flyers of course, but then they were also happier with their new toy, the more expensive TX. And none of 'em found that a lot of expo was comfortable or useful.