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Default RE: Servo Strength's

I would go with what Mike said. The rock is correct about expo, I'm a big fan of it myself but my hands shake and I fly some very touchy planes, it helps me get them straight and level before I go into a stunt. Last week I removed a bunch from a pattern and IMAC plane ailerons because they were a bit sluggish. Rudder I never put any in and elevator not too much. Don't go by this, these are my normal expo settings, pilots need to find there own. aileron 60% elevator 35% and that was just for these two planes. Today the ailerons are down to 30%. Some planes I don't use it at all. I like expo on my throttle but it's to make it more sensitive not less. Like rock mentioned, it can help you or bite you, it's something you have to figure out for yourself from plane to plane.