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Default RE: Prop torque reaction question

Samuel as its one of my hulls and having experience with them i usually suggest offseting the strut 1/8-1/4 to the right,sharpening the prop(makes all the difference) and also running a single offset rudder.I never use tabs on monosand very rareley use turn fins come to that,but i feel fins do help with turns on this hull as they eliminate spin outs.I have to agree with Matt first make sure the prop is sharp and ballanced,id suggest buying one from D. Marles, £26 for a race prepped prop isnt much really or try dasboata in the States who does great props too.You will notice a big difference when using a good well ballanced sharpened prop over one of the cheap ali props.
incidently having the motor too high can cause issues with leaning over too,not sure how low down you got your motor but keeping things as low as possible is a good idea.