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Default RE: *Micro receiver*

The RX60 6ch receiver works great.   It's just under 6gms and is pretty inexpensive at around $50.  It IS a limited range Rx.  Plenty for any park flyer (i've flown mine out to beyond 1200ft which is tough with a foamy, though I think the "stated" range is 1000'.

There is also a very light 5ch FULL range rx (RX500) that is also around $50 street price and weighs no more than 10gms. 

I've used both with my SD10G with good success and both are also compatible with the older RDS8000 as well as the new 5 & 6ch SD radios.

PS. Don't confuse the RX60 with the RX600.  The RX600 is a FULL range 6ch, also very light, (<10gms) but not as small and light as the RX60.