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Default RE: 1/4 scale Corvette with V8

ORIGINAL: DarkFire989

Do these actually ever get ran?
Yea, but its not like running a weed eater enging. You have to do a lot of prep and then after you need to do a LOT of work to store it or the piston rings and cylinder walls will rust together from the nitro fuel. Its a handful to fix that situation. Then comes the next problem, VALUE. Breaking a rear end is gonna run $700, breaking the engine will cost $500-$4,000 damaging the body would cost hundreds and a total loss would be devistating. Maybe the rich could drive these things, but guys like me that have no business even owning them... definately cant afford to run them. It is fun to fire the engine up once in a while, but its something you can go without for years.

Here is a Cobra i have been working on for some time. Its finally getting to what i want it to be.