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Default RE: SuperTiger .45 HELP

Yes take note of that 1/8 turn on both needles. Super tiger carbs are very sensitive. 1/8 of a turn too much the wrong way could give you grief. A simple method I use for the Fox and Super Tiger carbs low speed is 1 1/2 turns out , full open throttle, cover carb with your finger and then flip the prop until you see the fuel come up in the fuel line to the carb. Stop flipping the prop when you see the fuel come up to the carb and remove your finger. The fuel should stay in the line and not go back into the tank. If it does it means the low end needle has to open some more. Open about 1/8 turn more, then do the flip test again. When the low end needle is open enough fuel will stay in the line.Do 2 extra clicks for good measure. That is your starting point. Start engine and run it up to full throttle. Full throttle should be set slightly rich, smoke coming out the exhaust. Low end should be pretty close to good, adjust as needed until you get smooth throttle response from low to high. If it hesitates in the middle turn in 2 clicks until it smooths out.