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Default Trouble binding radio

I've had some medical probems...and haven't been able to fly for 3 months, when I got my stuff out to go flying this weekend, I couldn't get anything to bind on my system. I have a brand new 92824 Rx., the Rx, of the same type that was in the stick I had flown before with. and a Rx that is in a U Can Do that worked fine the last time I went flying. NONE of them will work now ....

I got out te intsrtuction book and after multiple tries, and fully recharging eveything I still can;t get anything to bind. Turn the Tx on, Turn the Rx on while holding the Rx button down, it flashes slowly, release and push the Tx bind button, and mine continues flashing slowly until it finally goes out.

Any ideas on whats wrong, or is it just time for a service call?