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Default Futaba-JR compatibility

Hi guys;
I've a Futaba receiver mounted on a plane (doesn't matter type) and I use it with its Futaba 8UP in freq. FM 72.870.
In the other hand I've a JR 9X Tx (newer and superior than the 8UP) also in FM 72.910 (not sure, but freq. is close to the other). In Both of them I've 7 channel receiver.

Since I'm lazy and I don't want to change receiver on the plane (cause also means modifying servo plugs) I just changed freq. crystal... the JR receiver crystal plugged into the Futaba RX one. Then switched the plane an and: Should I be surprised that nothing happened? Is there any hint or buttom that i missed? Note, I'm not changing Rx, I'm just exchanging crystals on Rx...

Thanks on advance...