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baerster 05-25-2022 02:09 PM

When does weight or wrinkles from repairs matter?
Hello - I have an E Flite Conscendo Evolution, a 1.5 meter motor glider with a motor that delivers a lot of power especially on 4s batteries. I am wondering if minor increases in weight such as extra tape to repair rudder hinge damage would ever be noticed in such a plane. Also, if I ever needed to glue repairs and there were still cracks in the exterior of the fuselage, or minor wrinkles from repair tape, I wonder if that would ever be noticeable. I assume that it would not unless I were racing and even then it might matter, but I wonder if I would be surprised.



Joseph Frost 06-08-2022 12:33 AM

Minor weight add ons is totally irrelevant in the model you mentioned especially if you have the power. To give you an idea, one of my 12 year old Giant foamy, used to be just under 2 kilo AUW on 5S/4Ah, now after all the Epoxy repairs with ~ 2700+ missions in the log book it's 2.5 kilos!!! I have noticed just a slight reduction in power during hovering torque rolls but otherwise no problems.
Higher C-rated batteries sort it all out, LOL.
It used to be under 2 kilo AUW dozen years ago.
Now at 2.5+ kg, note the discoloration of Epoxy after att these years.

BMatthews 06-11-2022 10:42 PM

You'd never notice stuff of that sort. Or perhaps if the wrinkles were on the wrong part of the wing like the upper side between leading edge and a little behind the high point if they were bad they might act a touch like a turbulator. Or if REALLY bad a bit like a spoiler.

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