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Red Scholefield 09-17-2013 05:54 AM

Free R/C Park threatened


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[TD="class: alt2"]This Wednesday night the Newberry RC Park Board is hosting a public meeting. The meeting was originally designed to meet the criteria for applying for the grant to help our park out. Unfortunately it will now double as a meeting because we are facing opposition from the baseball parents about the flying of airplanes and copters out at the park.

The parents who haven't once said anything to me or anyone else associated with the RC portion of the park are now all a buzz with safety concerns. The majority of their concerns stem from the planes and copters being a distraction which as a former youth coach of 20 years EVERYTHING IS A DISTRACTION but other concerns are the what if's should a plane or copter crash.

We actually had a crash yesterday of a T-Rex 600 but it crashed where it should have crashed, out in the flying zone and obviously in front of the flight line well away from the baseball fields. That matters little though because the parents want it stopped while they are practicing or playing which is basically 7 days a week.

On behalf of the park we will be defending and attempting to work out some compromises (not compromising of safety naturally) but if you like what we are trying to provide for you then don't let us stand alone on your behalf.

The meeting will be in the Newberry/Easton gym at 7:00 Wednesday evening on the 17th, this Wednesday.

bradpaul 09-17-2013 10:15 AM

Some statistics you may want to have for the meeting........................ Safety is not something that youth baseball can win on.


koastrc 09-18-2013 02:21 AM

When a club takes a bite of the public land fruit they are sure to run into those old men playing with toys attitudes. When it comes to air planes or little league. Little league wins. Youth sports is big business and it draws politicians like some things draw flies. The flying site is the most important thing in the world of model aviation. We all want good flying sites. Many of us have some great places to fly. but most are very temporary. It is a fact. Unless a club has it's own place away from other folks that don't share our love of aviation. We will have a problem. To add to our problem is the fact we, the model aviation community does not speak with one voice. In fact it is just the opposite. There seems to be a never ending squabble amongst ourselves.
I have coached baseball, girls softball, pee wee football and soccer for kids. Parents are very serious about youth sports. There is a flaw in the system. When the kids grow, the parents move on and the leagues are run by a new group. So people like us in the model aviation business get to share with new folks each and every year that share public space with us. Until we learn we are all in this together we are going to lose to other groups. Now when all the sweeties read this there will be some cute remarks. This is serious business. If it affects a club in Florida it will have a impact on others no matter where they are located. East Coast, West Coast, and all in between we all face a common problem. We are disjointed and have the idea if it ain't here it ain't my problem. Perhaps we don't have to look very far to see why we always come in second. Yes we have some success stories here and there. To bad we don't learn from success of others. Those success stories are temporary. Just like little league leadership. When the successful group of leaders moves on the in fighting begins, and we come in second.

littlecrankshaf 09-18-2013 07:26 AM


What often happens to modelers is good example of how we should stand strong for everyone of our brothers regardless of whether they belong to a particular special interest group or not. I hope the guys in Florida can avoid the typical short circuits and continue on without issue... Makes us all stronger.

Red Scholefield 09-18-2013 09:19 AM

The AMA (Tony Stillman) has contacted the Newberry RC Park organizer and offered materials and support in protecting the flying site. Note this is not an AMA chartered field nor are the flyers there all AMA members.

Hossfly 09-19-2013 04:47 PM

I Read the article of Brad's posting. I Read Koast RC's posting and the others. Brad's item shows just how the public reacts. They all want the kids to WIN at any cost, yet when a kid gets hurt, then everyone is to blame and the need to play is bad. IMO, Kids need to PLAY to win, yet it is the play that is important and To-"L" with winning. In school I despised game playing, rather be doing drafting and shop work. My life turned out, IMO, very well. Some folks seem that getting a scholarship is the most important thing in the world. IMO, the kid becoming a well adjusted person is far more important than chasing a ball. :mad:
Unfortunately I am in a minority and that will not change. I argue with some fathers that push their children. We argue, but you know who wins, not Gran' Pa!

As Koast RC so eloquently states, the old RC Gas passers are too much interested in themselves to really support younger families into the art of aeromodeling as a great educational opportunity for their young people in more than one discipline. RC is not the ONLY modeling discipline. Unfortunately the current world cannot well accept other than the most widely activity. Sad but that is the way the current crop of persons are. They follow only the way they were raised.

foodstick 09-19-2013 05:58 PM

It is a shame that so few people see the romance of flight anymore. As an airplane addict its hard to understand. I wonder over the years how many kids flying from parks were pointed to a future in the flying world, technology and science? I have also never understood the life absorbing aspect of ball sports ...

I hope you guys can hold onto your area.

chuckk2 09-19-2013 07:24 PM

The disagreement will come down to how may R/C flyers vs. how many "little league-rs" (and parents, etc.)
Guess who is likely to win?
The local SCCA used to have a SOLO event once a month at a local school parking lot, with the approval of the school board.
After several decades, the new school board decided that along with a repaving of the parking lot, the SCCA was going to have to move elsewhere.
The excuse was that we "might" damage the new pavement, and mess up the parking lines. The truth was that the new school board was
pro football, and anti racing, period.

em14 09-26-2013 06:47 AM

Hi Red,
How did the meeting about you all flying in the park turn out?

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