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ddemu 11-19-2009 11:37 PM

Scale Combat Wingspan rules?
I'm just getting into combat flying. I'm looking at flying Open-B because ti will be faster & cheaper to start with, but prefer to fly scale and will work up to that.

I fully support AMA, but I'm wondering why the 40" minimum wingspan would be set for scale when there don't appear to be any kits of that size in existance?

Kit producers seem to be disappearing at a reat of several a year. I'm wondering why the AMA would adopt a rule that effectively pushes more kit manufactuers out of business as they likely will choose NOT to re-tool to the enlarged size planes.

I can understand allowing larger planes (+10%), but why impose a minimum wingspan that is larger than the 1/12 scale the event was instituted upon?

cccdad 11-20-2009 07:04 AM

RE: Scale Combat Wingspan rules?
AMA 750 Combat is the same as RCCA 2610. that is the 12th scale combat +/- 10% of scale rule. 2548 is an RCCA event . Check on www.rccombat.com what events are being flown in your area. that might direct you as to what to build. There are also links to kit mfgrs for each. JKaerotech makes som every durable 2610 planes. Hat trick pretty muct has the market for 2548, though if you read the scale forum Texas Flugelworks (sp) is making some items and ther is a person out of West Palm FL that makes a great oscar kit for 2548.

FLwe have pretty much abandonded 2610, 2548 is a limited class withspec weight, prop and RPM. which seems to keep the damage down and the contest more about pilot skill.

Ihope this helps. you might get more response to use the RCCA forum, great group of guys.

ddemu 11-20-2009 11:15 AM

RE: Scale Combat Wingspan rules?
I did look at the JK Aerotech planes, they look like good kits/planes, but most do not conform to the AMA's 40" minimum wingspan.
Even the Great Planes Combat ARF series come up short in the wingspan area.

I'm a OK builder, and could easily build from plans, but just getting started I don't want to spend the time to scale up plans until I get a little more into it, and then it might be too much time involved for a combat plane that is at risk of destruction with every round.

My opinion would be to drop the minimum wingspan requirement so that new guys can easily buy, build or find a "legal" plane to start with. They can always go bigger if they are so inclined, but why AMA would exclude what kit manufacturers are left and make it hard for the new guy is a question.

Hossfly 11-20-2009 11:55 AM

RE: Scale Combat Wingspan rules?
ddemu, AMA, per se., does not impose anything on the modeler referenced organized competition rules. That is done by the Contest Boards, volunteer groups of modelers involved in any specific event.

The Contest Boards are generally composed of individuals involved with the Significant Interest Group (SIG) that promotes that specific event and/or interest. Whatever is "imposed" is done by the SIG in conjunction with the Contest Boards that establish the official Competition Rules.

There is where you need to go if you decide you wish to make a change.

http://www.rccombat.com/ for a start. Check current rules for Scale Combat. It doesn't take much effort to add some wing span or reduce same. Enjoy!

combatpigg 11-20-2009 01:20 PM

RE: Scale Combat Wingspan rules?
DD, like Hoss says, it doesn't take much extra effort to increase the span. You don't need to reengineer the kit. You're only looking at 2 inches per side. If I was to "cheat" in any direction, it would be with more span than required. 99.999% of your kills are taken with the wing. The guys on the combat rules commitees are quite convinced that they have already tried everything, flown everything and that the rules have no room for improvement. As you can see from the immense amount of message traffic that the combat forum gets, it's a highly successful program. ;)

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