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hobbyren 12-30-2015 07:22 PM

SigloMax X-2 Advanced RTH(return to home) System with GPS
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Good day guys,

I have been flying with the FY-41AP as my FPV security blanket on my Sbach 342 for about almost half year. It has served me well, but.... now I've found another easier RTH sistem with advanced function it's the X-2 Super autopilot from SigloMax Technology Company.

It is a lot smaller and cheaper and most importantly for me, it can be switched all flight modes during flight.

Price via a PayPal invoice is $85.00 +Del
if you are in Valencia I can discount for cash on pickup $75

Manufacturers Specs:
Operating voltage:3.8-6.5V
Input channel:6
Output channel:4
23g(with GPS)


Manual Mode
X-2 will not assist in any aircraft operation. All control and maneuver will be perform manually by
you (similar to a regular RC scheme).
Balance(Auto Stabilization) Mode
In this mode, X-2 will ensure the aircraft maintains its horizontal level under any weather condition.
If at any point the user feels that the aircraft is losing control, releasing the directional sticks will
automatically correct the aircraft’s flight level. This mode will deliver a significantly better experience to
new pilots by reducing manual user interventions
3D Flight Mode
Stabilized assisted flight. Releasing the directional control will lock the current flight stance. Smooth
flight path and maneuvers can be easily achieved.
Fixed Path (Altitude/Direction) Mode
In this mode, aircraft’s altitude and direction will be locked and sustained. As the user releases the
directional stick, the aircraft will maintain the flight’s direction and altitude by autocorrecting any
external influences.

Auto Return to Home (RTH) Mode
When this mode is activated, the aircraft will maintain its current attitude and follow its path to return to its
initial starting point. Once it reaches the starting point, the aircraft will maintain a circling flight path around
the location. The module has a 67 meters safety attitude limit. If at any point the altitude drops below the 67
meters mark, the aircraft will automatically correct its flight path and climb back to 67 meters.
You can set failsafe before taking off and once the signal lost, the aircraft will return to home automatically, protect your aircraft from losing.
Flexible Flight Altitude
You can set the flight altitude from your transmitter, range from 67meters to 200 meters.

Easy Set-Up without PC
Do all setting by your TX, including choose flight model(Normal,V-tail,Delta(flying-wing),Flight Mode,Failsafe,Flight Altitude.etc.

hobbyren 05-29-2016 05:17 PM


bisco 11-21-2020 07:52 AM

are these available stateside?

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