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RVator 03-30-2004 06:42 PM

Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Has anyone tried the new Twist 3D yet? We were looking for something for to put Suitcase's engine and radio in and retire his Spad Deb. It had an OS 46 FX with a Tower muffler.

SunShyne 03-30-2004 08:20 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
I am curious about this plane as well. For $99 seems like a decent deal!

bentgear 03-30-2004 10:35 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Good luck on finding one, don't think they have shipped yet.

Ed M.

cstevec 03-31-2004 02:47 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
I spoke with a lady at Hanger 9 last week when I was ordering some parts for another plane and she said the lates word was they would be shipping out to the hobby shops in early April. I have one on order as well. It appears to be an upgraded version of the Pizazz. The wing is removable and it is a better looking plane.

HelloScott 04-10-2004 07:23 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Our Hobbytown USA here in Indianapolis received (2) of them this week. The other local shop tells me that they are getting theirs next week. Three coming in. Got my name on one of them!

I opened the box at Hobbytown and got a good look at the model. Also saw it up close at the Toledo R/C show last weekend. Looks really nice. Covering was extremely well done. I just wish they'd left all the graphics off. I'm not crazy about the purple/pink SWOOPY thing. Wish they'd shipped it yellow and allowed the buyer to add or not add swoops. I could just strip it and re-cover it myself, but that would be counter productive right?

I'm primarily a builder/flyer. This will be my first ARF in 25 years. But, its cool looking and man, you can't beat the price!

cstevec 04-10-2004 07:29 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
I picked up one at the local hobby shop yesterday. I thought the swoop was kinda nice. Much better looking then the Pizazz I think it was designed to replace. I think it will be a great little toss around plane with the Saito .72. Should be a real quick assembly with the one piece wing and all. You won't even need any epoxy, just some thin and thick CA. I got mine for my 9 year old son, now maybe he will leave my Mayhem alone!! Saturday is gonna be my only flying day so I guess this thin will have to wait until next week to throw together.

RVator 04-10-2004 07:59 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Yea Suitcase has one reserved at the LHS. For 99.95 it looks hard to beat.

JoeAirPort 04-10-2004 08:40 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
There are 4 threads about this ARF running in this forum. You guys should get together and combine them into one big one. Just an idea. I really like the plane.

gaspasser 04-10-2004 08:32 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
If they become available please let us Know . Jeff

suitcase 04-10-2004 08:49 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Well I just ordered mine today the 9th. Got the confirmation from Horizon too. Doesn't look like it comes with any acessories though. I'm gonna use my OS 46 FX and futaba 3004's. Hoping RVator will give much assistance in putting it together. hint, hint.

P-51B 04-11-2004 10:10 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Well, after seeing on here that they were arriving at the LHS around the country, I went out to mine yesterday to see if they had gotten any in. They had on the shelf! It had arrived that day. I opened it up to make sure all the parts were there (but didn't do a close inspection), and bought it. Got it home, started assembly, and started hearing something rattling around in the wing...lots of something. Well, I began inspecting, and found that several of the ribs were cracked from front to back, and parts were missing on some of them. It is a very light looking structure, and would likely need those parts! I called the hobby shop, but the guy on the phone said they didn't have another. I got in the car to take it back and get my money back. When I got there, one of the managers said he had one more in the back! We THOROUGHLY inspected this one, and again it came home!

I got to do some assembly today, and so far it looks like a decent arf. The only problem (on the second kit ) has been that the laser cut servo openings in the wings and on one side of the fuse were too small. A little trimming took care of that. I have Hitec 424BBs all around, but haven't decided on an engine. I have a couple of K&B screamin .48 sitting around waiting for new planes, which I had planned to use...until I saw the ad for the new Saito 82. Same size and weight as the 72, but even more power...don't know if I want to spend the bucks on a new engine or not.

suitcase 04-12-2004 08:18 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Hey P-51B , did it come with hardware? RVator got a US 60 and the openings for the servos were too small in that one too. Being from Horizon they're probably sized for JR servos. Maybe they're a bit smaller. He had to enlarge all of the openings on his. I'm thinking about the FA 72 for it.

Bama 04-12-2004 09:49 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
I just finished mine up tonight. The hardware pack was complete and it all looked good. I used all of it. I went with the Evolution .46, I am waiting on the Saito .82 to come out. I just might have to change it out, I guess it depends on how it does with the 46. I didn't have any problems with it, it went together quick and easy. I am going to try to fly it tomorrow if the weather is good. There is a cold front coming through so it may be too windy. I'll let ya'll know how it goes if you're interested. I had to put the battery all the way up front above the tank to get it to balance in the recommended range. It balanced at 4 5/8" like that. I would rather have it a little more forward to start with, but I am going to fly it right there for now and only add weight if I have too.

Robert Petty 04-13-2004 12:22 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Hey Bama,
I will be picking my "Twist" up in the morning and would love to hear how it does with the .46. I planned on buying a Saito .72 to put on it, but it would be nice if my existing .46 or Saito .56 will do the job. By the way, I'm up in Tuscaloosa and plan on coming down to the fun fly in Prattville next month.

P-51B 04-13-2004 07:13 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D

ORIGINAL: suitcase

Hey P-51B , did it come with hardware? RVator got a US 60 and the openings for the servos were too small in that one too. Being from Horizon they're probably sized for JR servos. Maybe they're a bit smaller. He had to enlarge all of the openings on his. I'm thinking about the FA 72 for it.
Yes, it came with hardware. It all seems to be usable for this size plane. I probably won't use the control rods, just out of personal preferance on setup.

It also has some decent lightweight wheels. They are not the foamy type that go flat after being sat on for 2 minutes, but more like a Sullivan Skylight (sp?). Not the lightest, but also not the heaviest, and I always hated the foamy types.

Bama 04-13-2004 07:39 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Hey Robert,
I'll let you know as soon as I fly it. The weather will have to get a lot better by this afternoon if it goes up today though, we have 20-30 mph wind gusts here right now. I don't think I want to try it in that, not for the first flight anyway.:D I may try to get to the fun fly there too. I am in the Clanton club, I am actually president of it. I live out in the country a little bit. I have a Prattville mailing address and a Clanton phone number! I live about 25 miles from Prattville and about 12 from Clanton.

Cornduster04 04-13-2004 08:53 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
I would also like to hear about any info on this Twist. I bought one and its should arrive on Weds according to the Tracking info!
Any tips or findings building and flying this bird would be greatly appreciated!



glowplug 04-14-2004 10:29 AM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Guys, what are your AUW's on this plane? I'm wondering if it's as heavy as the advertisement states.....5-6lbs.....

Hill202 04-14-2004 09:31 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
anyone have pics yet?

Combat 20 04-14-2004 11:58 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Received my Twist on 13 April from the LHS. Saw it at Toledo and could not pass it up. Very impressive ARF. Appears to be well built and covered. Smoked canopy with painted edges looks sharp. Fuselage formers are notched to fit fuse sides. Appears to be laser cut. Online pictures don't show the underside - all smoke purple, no stripes, stars, etc. I accurately weighed all parts to assemble the plane and the all-up weight was 3 lbs 1 oz. Add your engine and radio and 1 oz of glue to find your approximate total. I have a NIB Jett .76L Sport which appears to fit nicely inside the cheeks. Obviously that is way too much engine for level flight, but it will love to climb! Only changes I can forsee making to basic plane is to paint the inside of fuselage cheeks(they are sealed but not covered), polish the landing gear, and use a different tailwheel. I do not care to hard mount the tailwheel to the rudder as suggested in the instructions. I suspect Horizon has another winner. I already have the Funtana .90 and YS110 on order. That should be another Horizon winner.

suitcase 04-15-2004 07:46 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
I received mine the 14th. We put the tailfeathers on last night. Very simple and well written instructions. I'll post some pics later as I go along. Hope to sneak it in to work this week end and mount the radio gear. In the quiet time of course. I may get a Saito FA 72 for it.

Bama 04-15-2004 09:14 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Hey guys,
I slipped out to the field this afternoon and got three flights on mine. It flew great. It needed just a couple clicks of trim on ail and ele and she was flying straight. I was easing the throttle to her and I was off and flying at 1/2 throttle(with an Evolution .46). The Evo had plenty of power for it. I have never tried to hover, but I knew ya'll would ask if it had enough power to so I tried a little. It would hang there with about half throttle, maybe a little more. This was with a MAS 11x6 prop. I picked up an APC 12.25x3.75 because I may try some of this 3D stuff now that I have a plane capable without so much money tied up in it. I plan to try the new prop tomorrow afternoon. It is a little tail heavy for my liking, but it is in the recommended range and I got used to it after a while. I left the elevator on low rates with some expo(I think about 30%). The elevator was pretty sensetive, probably due to being a little more tail heavy than i am used to. I used the high rates on ailerons with about 40% expo and high on rudder with some expo there too. It is a real hoot to fly, I really enjoyed my little bit of time this afternoon and I am sure ya'll will enjoy it too.

ghee-grose 04-15-2004 09:54 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
:) I just got mine today at HobbyTown. This is one nicely finished airplane!!! I can't wait to build it and get it in the air. It looks alot easier of a build than some other ARFs that I've seen the manuals to.

All, keep posting stuff on the build for those who are about to start. (pictures too) I will begin the build of mine in a week or so (Birthday present) and I will do the same if I run into anything out of the ordinary.

To those of you already flying the Twist.... Way to go!!!! :D

Cornduster04 04-15-2004 10:40 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
I just got my Twist Today!

Looked over all of the parts to make sure they were in good shape from shipping and all is fine.
I got a great deal from SouthEast RC in Florida and I had it within 4 days to Nebraska! I am hoping to have mine done by Sunday afternoon.

I will also change the tail wheel as mentioned in a previous post.

I am really looking forward to flying this very very soon!

Robert Petty 04-15-2004 10:43 PM

RE: Hangar 9 Twist 3D
Thanks for the update Bama. I'm about 50% complete on mine:D. I think I will try my Saito .56 on mine since you say the Evolution .46 does well. Any particular reason you are going to use a 12.25x3.75 ?

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